How to get good at Leveling

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How to get good at Leveling

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:38 pm

This is just a simple guide to tell you the best route to take. I understand with starting zones and server pop at launch, you may have to do what it takes to pull ahead of the pack before this becomes as useful.
I recommend joana's leveling guide + the questie addon but feel free to follow this if you want a faster faced yet still enjoyable leveling experience.
(This guide is based off of research and alexensual's guide and Honstine changes)

Note : This is designed for horde, since we are a horde guild.

Please remember to do your class requests as you get them. Unless they are really long and pointless ones.
1.Starting Zone. Complete it. (1-11)
2. Silverpine forrest (11-16)
3. Barrens (Upto Camp/Border w/ mulgore) (16-20) You might have a hard time with this if so find someone in guild to help you or group with a random ppl
4. Stonetalon/Southern Barrens/Ashenvale (20-25)
5. Thousand Needles (25-30) Fill in if you don't ding w/ RFK
6. Arathi Highlands/Alterac Mountains (30-32)
7. Arathi Highlands/Shimmering Flats (32-32)
8. Desolace (32-33)
9. StrangleThorn Vale (33-35) (NOTE : Don't waste your time doing pages, sell them on AH)
10. Dustwallow Marsh/Swamp of Sorrows/Badlands (35-39)
11. StrangleThorn Vale (39-40) Pirate quests, these are fun quests
Get your mount. Your going to need it
12. Ferelas/STV/Tanaris/Swamp Of Sorrows (40-47) If you don't have enough do elite quests in Dustwallow
13. Searing Gorge (47-49)
14. Azshara/Un'goro Crater/Felwood (49-52)
15. Eastern Plaguelands (52-54)
19. Winterspring (54-55)
At Level 55 is up to you Grinding Rep (I think best this is best to get ready for Raids), doing Alterac Valley, blackrock depths and etc.

Gratz on 60. "Now the real fun begins" - Honstine

Useful Stuff....

- Your Guildmaster Honstine


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