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**** Guild Rules Please Read ****

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:53 pm

Guild Rules / Guidelines

There is a lot of text to read below but please read it all as should you be invited to the guild, you will be held to these rules while a member of the guild. These rules / guidelines have been created to make sure guild members have a social environment to play in with as little drama as possible while also promoting guild progression.



Ascensio is a mature Raiding and PVP guild. As such we only recruit players who are 16 or older who are applying with max level characters. We prefer people who are 18+ and questions will be asked of the effect playing the game will have on your school / college commitments if under 18. We have an extensive application form which all new members must complete. One of the questions is to make sure you have read, understood and agree with all that is on this page so make sure you do.

Should your application show you as worthy for a guild invite, you will then be given the rank of Starter Rank for a minimum of 2 weeks at which time your performance and contribution to the guild will determine if you are promoted to a permanent member or not. If you have any questions before applying, feel free to speak to an officer in game.

We only accept applicants who are applying on their main character unless you are applying as a Social member or Backup member. This is because we are looking for people who can contribute to the progression of the guild and the likelihood of this happening when your main is raiding with another guild on standard raid nights is very slim.

On the main page of the guild website we have a widget stating which classes we are looking for but outstanding applications are always welcome. Exceptions can be made to the application process for close family members or IRL friends of existing guild members but these exceptions will be given the rank of ‘Social Member’ and not ‘Raider’ or ‘PvP’ or 'Backup'.


Guild Chat / Discord / Website

We are a mature guild so please expect a certain level of adult content in guild chat and on Discord. If something is said in guild chat or vent that offends you in any way, please be mature and state that you do not like the tone / content of the discussion or if you are uncomfortable in doing so, ask an officer to say something. We are all mature people so saying something politely should be enough to steer the conversation in another direction. If you are participating in a conversation which someone has raised and objection and you want to continue the conversation as it is, please move it to a private Discord channel or chat room. To make sure things run smoothly, here are a few rules.
1)   Be respectful of others. Not everyone shares your views, nor should they have to. If you think what you’re about to say could cause some drama, don’t say it.
2)   It is your responsibility to make others understand what you are trying to say. It is not the responsibility of others to understand you. E.g. "That is not what I meant" is not an excuse.
3)   Racism, Sexism, Homophobic comments or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. First offence will receive a warning and possible demotion, repeat offence or extreme cases will receive an immediate /gkick.
4)   No begging for gold. This only annoys everyone who worked hard to make their gold.

Use the appropriate room/ channel on Discord for your activity. E.g. Do not host a raid while using the lobby or chill out rooms. Likewise, do not hold a private chat in a raid room.


Guild Reputation

At all times while you are a member of Guilty, please keep in mind you are an ambassador of the guild. The guild members past and present have worked hard to build up the reputation currently held by the guild and we would hate to see that ruined by one careless act. As such please keep all interactions with other players civil and good natured in all areas of the game, even on game websites. E.g. Blizzard Forums. Minor infractions will result in a warning or a demotion, major infractions will result in a /gkick.

This should go without saying, but:
1)   Do not flame or abuse other players in Trade chat, LFR, PUG group or any other aspects of the game.
2)   Do not ninja loot drops.
3)   Do not scam any other players.
4)   Rules for drama: First Offense: warning is given of none stop drama in guild chat or voice chat.
                              Second Offense: is demote to rank of drama queen and lost of speaking for 24 hrs in guild and voice chat.
                              Third Offense: Kicked from guild.

Always ask to 'Need' roll for off spec before selecting 'Need'.


Guild Activities

Ascensio is a progression guild with a social atmosphere. As such we have certain expectations which do not normally exist in social guilds. E.g. If a progression event is organised such as raid or RBG and you are invited, you are expected to accept and participate in that event if you can make it. It is not acceptable for you to be online levelling an alt or participating in a PUG or non-progression event if your main is needed in a guild progression group. As such, there are a few rules to follow:
1)   If you are a regular Raid or PvP team member, we expect 90% (This Percent will change) attendance for your regular organised event. Should you not be able to make an organised event which you have accepted an invite for, prior notice of at least 1 hour must be given to your group leader or 2 hours if given an officer or via the guild website to allow a replacement to be found in time to prevent your attendance record being tarnished.
2)   While we accept real life is more important than the wonderful game known as the "World of Warcraft" and we encourage member to prioritise real life over the game, being unable to attend on certain nights regularly will result in being demoted to the 'Backup" rank at which time you are free to speak to a group leader whose group runs on the nights that better suits your real life commitments but it is the group leaders decision on if they take you or not.
3) Accept or decline invites. Tentative will be treated as declined and a replacement will be sought. Should you come online after a replacement has been found, expect not to participate.

If you fail to regularly respond to or turn down guild event invites or turn up late, you will stop receiving invites to the group.
5)   Unless your group leader has specifically asked for an alt of yours, it is not acceptable to lock your main in the current tier content with another guild’s group as a pug. This may result in a guild kick at which time you are free to join their guild’s group on a permanent basis.
You are free to organise an event yourself. E.g. An achievement run or an Alt run. But please try to avoid clashes with main raiding / RGB nights. If you do not want to organise an event yourself, you can ask an officer to organise the event but please keep in mind they may be busy with other guild activities.


Group Content Rules   (Below level 60 use group loot system and at level 60 Raiding the following rules apply)

These rules only apply to all guild hosted raid groups unless otherwise stated by the group leader and should be used as ‘best practice’ when participating in pug activities. Any non-compliance with these rules and the leader of the group has the right to replace you on a temporary or permanent basis without warning. Consider this as your warning.
1) The use of Discord is a must and expected unless the group leader says it is not necessary. If you don’t feel comfortable talking on vent, that is fine, but you must be able to hear and understand the group leader.
2) You are expected to participate on your main character unless the event is a specified alt run or the group leader has asked you to use an alt in the group.
3) Unless specified by the group leader, when "Loot Master" is in use, loot will be distributed using the loot distribution rules in the "Loot Distribution" section below.
4) Do not speak on vent during fights (unless you are responsible for calling something out) or while tactics are being discussed / explained by the group leader. Save comments or jokes till after the group has wiped or the fight is over.
5) You are expected to have read and understand any tactics needed for the fight(s). The group leader’s tactics may differ to what you have read but you should still understand the fight.
6) Do not question the leader’s tactics. They have spent a lot of time researching the fights and working on a strategy. If you have an idea, whisper it to the group leader and they will decide to take your comments on board or not. Don’t forget multiple people may be whispering them so give them a chance to respond.
7) DO NOT tell other players how to play their class. This only causes arguments. If you feel someone is doing something wrong or could improve, whisper the group leader and they will seek confirmation from the class master or they will speak to the player and tell them what needs to be done. You can politely ask they player you feel could improve, if you can offer some advice. Do not take offence if they say no.
Cool Setup addons before the raid starts. Do not wait until you are in the instance to play with addons.
9) Be online 20 minutes before the event starts. This gives the leader time to find replacements before the scheduled start time. Try and be online earlier just to rule out issues with delayed logins which may prevent you from being online on time. If you are not on 15 minutes before the scheduled start time, the group leader has every right to replace you.
10) If you are replaced for any reason, the player who replaced you has the right to finish out the week in your spot.
11) The group leader has the right to change the group combination as they see fit because they believe it will help the group move forward. E.g. If you have been raiding with a group for the past 4 weeks that does not grant you automatic selection the following week. Any arguments about not being picked will result in a demotion.
12) All effort must be made to replace missing group members with fellow guild members before advertising for Pugs. The only exception to this is if the group leader feels the guild members online are not up to the content being run. E.g. Does not have sufficient gear or skill.
13) Feasts and Cauldrons will be provided where possible for guild runs but do not expect this to happen all the time. You should always carry your own buff food and flasks. Raiding without your own food and flasks is a valid reason for replacement.
14) It is not acceptable to hold up the group in any way. E.g. Do not go AFK unless there is a scheduled break. Exceptions will be made based on circumstances but do not get offended if you are replaced when you get back, especially if you are regularly going AFK.
15) Do not post the output from add-ons such as Skada or Recount into guild or group chat unless asked to do so by the group leader. This may cause loot rolls or information about tactics to get lost in the spam.
16) Unless specified by the group leader, no one is to pull the boss except for the main tank and only the raid leader will tell the tank to pull.


Loot Distribution.

DKP Coming Soon (at level 60)

Guild Members Alts:

Guild members are welcome to speak to an officer ask for their Alt(s) to be invited to the guild at any character level but only if their main has been accepted as a permanent member. i.e. does not have the rank of 'Trial Member'. Any alt invited into the guild will immediately have the guild note updated to show the players main character name so everyone knows who is playing. Any alt which has not been online for over two month will be kicked from the guild.


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